How Telemedicine Can Support Your Health Goals

Published: Dec 04, 2023

How Telemedicine Can Support Your Health Goals
Telemedicine services have long been in use in remote areas, but it took the COVID-19 pandemic to bring it to everyone. Keep reading to learn how telemedicine can support your health goals.

What is telemedicine? Is it the same as telehealth? Can it support your health goals, and does it represent an improvement in your health care? We get it; there are plenty of questions about telemedicine. 

At New Tampa Wellness Clinic, we stand proudly behind our telemedicine services because they allow us to provide better care with greater efficiency. Let’s look at how the system works and what you can expect. 

The difference between telemedicine and telehealth

The terms telemedicine and telehealth are often used interchangeably. While similar, they are each slightly different. 


  • Telehealth covers all aspects of remote health services. For example, hospital administrators in a video meeting to discuss budgets is a telehealth service.
  • Telemedicine refers only to clinical interactions between patients and medical practitioners performed remotely.

Therefore, telemedicine is a telehealth service. When you meet with our New Tampa Wellness Clinic staff to discuss your health goals, it’s a telemedicine session. 

The role of technology

Video calls and conferencing have been around for decades. Still, it’s only recently, with the advent of smartphone technology, that reliable video calling has become accessible for everyone. 


Today, voice and video calls are accessible from almost all contemporary smartphones. Privacy and security standards for medical information are in place to protect the exchange of medical information. 

How telemedicine supports your health goals

At New Tampa Wellness Clinic, we specialize in weight management, nutritional counseling, and overall wellness. A telemedicine appointment in support of these goals can happen anywhere you have a cell or WIFI signal and some privacy. 


There’s no need to drive to our office to meet with us, whether you’re looking for prescription renewals or weight management follow-up.  We can meet many of your needs during a convenient telemedicine session and determine if in-person follow-up is necessary. 


With telemedicine, you save time. No need to come to our office for weight loss, wellness, or nutrition consultations. 


Virtual appointments limit your interactions with others, reducing your risk of getting sick, especially during cold and flu season. 

Services we offer through telemedicine

Weight loss is often challenging. There are plateaus and fluctuations that can make you lose confidence. The good news is that medically-assisted weight loss works. At New Tampa Wellness Clinic, we focus on supporting wellness therapies for weight loss through telemedicine. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Customized weight loss programs 
  • Mindful eating suggestions and strategies
  • Natural supplement and pharmaceutical product recommendations
  • Nutritional counseling and support
  • Physical activity and exercise programs

We build and support your weight loss plan to support your weight loss goals, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. 

What to expect from your telemedicine visit

A typical telemedicine session starts with a review of your progress with your practitioner, focusing on changes since your previous appointment. If necessary, we’ll request lab work, adjust medications, supplements, or dosages, and give you feedback and guidance as needed. We can answer any questions and suggest alternatives for therapies that aren’t achieving the expected results. Finally, we’ll review your goals and schedule a follow-up.

Request a telemedicine appointment with New Tampa Wellness Clinic online or by phone. We’re standing by to help you meet your health goals, so plan your session now.