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I’m Struggling to Lose Weight

Both men and women find weight loss difficult, especially as they get older or have underlying health issues. Learn how a medically supervised weight loss program may be the solution you need to finally see the results you deserve.

Humans face a lot of challenges when it comes to weight loss. Often, when people have a hard time achieving their weight loss goals, they just give up on the process.

At New Tampa Interventional Pain and Sports Medicine, our pain specialist Jose De La Torre, MD, and our skilled medical team specializes in a range of wellness services, including personalized weight loss solutions.

Dr. De La Torre takes into account the many challenges that can come up on your weight loss journey, so you can face them head on and achieve the results you desire.

Why you might struggle with weight loss

One common reason people struggle to lose weight successfully is misinformation. With so many quick-fix, fad diets and weight loss plans available today, it’s difficult to know which one to follow. The reality is that everyone has unique needs when it comes to weight loss, and cookie-cutter plans typically won’t work well.

Other challenges that can make weight loss difficult include:

You may also struggle with weight loss because you aren’t sure how to eat healthy or how to exercise for your body type.

When to consider medically supervised weight loss

When you’re frustrated by your lack of weight loss results, don’t quit. You can find the support and resources you need at New Tampa Interventional Pain and Sports Medicine.

We offer free consultations to learn more about your specific health needs and weight loss goals, so you can finally shed excess weight and keep it off for good. Our wellness clinic also provides a range of services that focus on restoring your vitality and maximizing your longevity.

If you have underlying health issues or chronic back pain that interfere with healthy weight loss, Dr. De La Torre can address them first to make your weight loss journey easier. He can also refer you to a specialist for further care when needed.

What to expect from your customized weight loss program

To ensure your weight loss journey is both effective and safe, Dr. De La Torre partners with a local pharmacy to identify natural supplements and FDA-approved pharmaceuticals that support weight loss.

Before recommending supplements, we spend time evaluating your overall health during a physical exam and lab work. Our medical team works closely with you to create an actionable plan you can follow to lose weight. Your plan includes exercises to burn fat and meal plan strategies that ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

Dr. De La Torre establishes a schedule for routine follow-up visits at the office for weigh-ins and ongoing counseling to keep you accountable to your program. If we prescribe recommended medications and supplements, our partner pharmacy will deliver them right to your home.

As you continue to reach milestones in your weight loss journey, our staff helps you create new goals to achieve. We also provide resources that help you incorporate lifestyle and diet changes into your daily routine that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Call New Tampa Interventional Pain and Sports Medicine in Wesley Chapel, Florida, to schedule a free weight loss consultation, or book an appointment online today.

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