No Wrinkles for Wedding Season With Botox®

Published: Apr 04, 2023

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Spring brings with it a sense of renewal. And there is no better time to renew your look before the wedding season. Look your best with a Botox® session now. Read on to learn more.

In the Tampa Bay area, spring might be the best season of the year. The unpredictable winter weather evens out before the hot and humid summer air takes hold. It’s no wonder many people choose to celebrate their marriage prior to June to ensure the glamor of an outdoor ceremony or reception without the unbearable humidity. 

Guests and those in the wedding party want to look their best. And looking your best is more than just a new outfit or the right shoes. Taming those harsh expression lines on your forehead and around the eyes delivers a remarkable age-defying result in just days, with effects that last. 

The quality of your Botox® treatment depends on the skill of your practitioner. Natural effects are all about your anatomy, and your provider needs to ensure the Botox injections target the correct muscles. Our team at New Tampa Wellness Clinic specializes in Botox and other medical aesthetic treatments. You can trust your look to our professionals. 

A unique class of wrinkles

While injectable procedures are the most requested cosmetic treatments sought today, there’s a significant difference between Botox and dermal fillers. As the name suggests, dermal fillers provide volume where it’s lost, “filling up” thinning areas causing lines and wrinkles, or adding volume where your skin has lost collagen support naturally over time. Dermal fillers are a passive solution to a passive issue. 

Alternatively, your expression muscles are active. Whether you’re smiling, frowning, or squinting in the sun, muscles control the movement of your face. Over time, some of these muscles struggle to relax. Instead of smoothing, they remain partly contracted. You might look like you’re concentrating or concerned even when inside you’re completely relaxed. 

Botox relaxes those partially contracted expression muscles causing forehead wrinkles, the “11s” between your eyes, and the crow’s feet. Targeting specific muscles for each treatment concern, Botox acts as a neuromodulator, blocking the signals that keep those muscles tight. As they relax, your face smooths. Years fall away, and the active wrinkles disappear. 

Natural results by design

Used as recommended and delivered by practitioners with a complete understanding of facial anatomy, Botox produces exceptional results without robbing you of the ability to form natural expressions. Your Botox session is fast. You could visit over your lunch break and return to your normal day immediately after. 

There’s no recovery time, and you’ll notice results in a few days with full effects appearing over the next week or two. While individual results vary, your Botox session lasts for months. Botox is also an ideal complement to other aesthetic procedures, including dermal fillers. 

Request an appointment today with New Tampa Wellness to find out what Botox can offer you. Wedding season is almost here. Book your visit now.