What Does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

Published: Feb 02, 2024

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You might be wary about lasers for hair removal for fear that the process will hurt. Fortunately, there’s no need to fear. Cosmetic lasers only target specific body tissues for hair removal.

When you’re tired of the constant maintenance involved with many temporary hair removal methods, you might consider the most effective long-term solution: laser hair removal. But what should you expect?

At New Tampa Wellness Clinic, we provide laser hair removal using the Harmony XL Pro system from Alma™ Lasers. It’s a versatile aesthetic platform that delivers a wide range of cosmetic options, including hair removal. If you want to eliminate the daily or weekly chores of tending to unwanted body hair, ask us about laser hair removal with Harmony XL Pro. 

How laser hair removal works

Anyone who’s felt the warm summer sun on their face knows how light can transfer energy that turns into heat as your body absorbs it. Lasers provide a distinctive type of light that’s only a single color (wavelength). 

Different wavelengths have unique applications. Lasers used in hair removal pass through non-targeted tissues without causing injury to reach hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface. 

Follicles in the active hair-growing phase are darker than surrounding skin, so when you’re treated with the Harmony XL Pro, follicles absorb the most energy and heat up to a level called the coagulation point. 

When follicles reach this temperature, they lose their ability to generate hair. Your body recognizes the follicles as inactive and naturally removes them from your body. The result? Effective and long-term hair removal. 

What does laser hair removal feel like? 

While you will feel the treatment as the applicator activates to neutralize hair growth, the sensation is typically well-tolerated. Many people compare it to the feeling of an elastic band snapped against their skin. 

As our technician treats the areas of unwanted hair, the active beam from the applicator lasts only tiny fractions of a second. Our Harmony XL Pro experts keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. 

After your treatment

You may have some skin sensitivity for a day or two after your laser session. Many people say it feels like a mild sunburn. Since the Harmony XL Pro has no ultraviolet light component, this sensitivity, though it feels like sunburn, causes no skin damage. 

Depending on your body hair condition and skin type, you’ll likely need a series of treatments since only some of your follicles are in an active growth stage at the time of treatment. You can continue sessions until you reach the desired level of permanent hair loss. 

Make an appointment with New Tampa Wellness Clinic to find out more about laser hair removal. Book your session by phone or online today.