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Why PRP Injections Are Becoming So Popular

Your most fundamental healer is your own body. Even after surgery, your doctor relies on your body to heal the incisions. To boost your body’s healing, regenerative medicine is a fast-developing field, including platelet-rich plasma injections.

If you’ve watched a cut or scrape heal, you have witnessed the capabilities of the human body and its ability to heal. No matter how well a doctor stitches a wound closed, it’s your body that finishes the work by sealing the injury and repairing the damaged skin.

One of the essential substances in this self-healing ability is a component of your blood. We count on platelets to form clots after an injury, but that’s just the start of the role they play in healing.

The power of platelets can now be put to use in a natural and versatile way. At The Wellness Clinic at New Tampa Interventional Pain & Sports Medicine, located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, we offer PRP injections to our patients. This month’s blog describes PRP and discusses why it’s becoming popular with patients and practitioners alike.

What is PRP?

Most people experience blood draws as part of their routine medical care. These samples are often centrifuged to separate blood components for analysis. That is all standard procedure used for many decades.

PRP serum starts from a blood draw that’s separated in a centrifuge. The medium-density platelets settle in the solution between heavier red blood cells and lighter plasma. Extracting platelets and mixing them with a bit of plasma is all that’s needed to create PRP serum for injection. It’s safe and biocompatible because PRP is derived from your own blood.

How is PRP used?

The concentration of platelets acts as a booster for healing. Normally, your body can only repair as quickly as the bloodstream delivers hormones, nutrients, and the other raw materials necessary to create new tissues.

For a person with joint problems, like a sports injury or arthritis, a PRP injection floods the injured area with growth factor hormones — the messengers that drive the healing process by limiting inflammation and relieving pain.

Medical aesthetics also use PRP therapy as a stimulant for skin revitalization. Injections trigger renewed collagen and elastin growth. PRP treatments are an excellent complement for dermabrasion and microneedling techniques.

New collagen growth fills sagging skin with renewed volume, making PRP an effective way to perform a surgery-free neck lift. Extra platelets help to tighten and tone neck tissue, providing a smoother appearance in a common aging problem spot.

PRP also stimulates hair growth, reactivating dormant follicles in thinning areas around the scalp. Hair in the areas around PRP injections becomes thicker and healthier.

Perhaps best of all, PRP doesn’t interfere with other forms of therapy because it’s natural and drug-free. Find out more about the capabilities of PRP and how it can help you by visiting The Wellness Clinic at New Tampa Interventional Pain & Sports Medicine. You can reach us by phone or through our appointment request link on this page. Schedule your consultation today.

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