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Why Vitamin IV Therapy Might Be Necessary for Your Health

The best way to counter the effects of nutrient deficiencies is with vitamin supplements. And the quickest way to receive those supplements is with intravenous (IV) therapy. Read on to learn more.

Complete wellness depends on more than the absence of illness. To be at your best, you need a full allotment of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and water. It’s easy to miss out, even when you enjoy a well-balanced diet, because the digestive process doesn’t always absorb bioavailable nutrients at peak efficiency.

Vitamin intravenous (IV) therapy is the choice of hospitals when people need treatment fast. Delivering medicine, anesthetics, and nutrition quickly means incorporating these into the bloodstream, and IV therapy is a direct route.

Vitamin IV therapy also provides a way to optimize your nutritional health to improve your appearance, energy, and immune system performance. Our team at New Tampa Wellness, located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, specializes in vitamin IV therapy, and we offer a range of IV cocktails to match your needs.

How IV therapy works

You usually get nutrients through foods and drinks. These pass through your digestive system, where they’re broken down. The walls of your intestines absorb nutrients, and they’re routed through your blood.

The amount of vitamins and minerals you receive depends on the digestive process. You may eat more than enough essential vitamins, but your body only absorbs some of your consumption. Stomach acids may damage molecules, or food passes to waste before complete absorption.

IV therapy bypasses the digestive tract entirely. Instead, synthetic versions of essential nutrients arrive in your bloodstream in a water solution without the loss encountered through the digestive system. You benefit from calculated doses of nutrients.

Why vitamin IV therapy might be necessary for your health

While IVs of blood and medications may be lifesaving in emergencies, vitamin IVs have more modest ambitions. But for many people with chronic conditions, they are necessary for health. Let’s look at some of the ways vitamin IV can help you.


Plenty of popular press depictions show that 75% of the American population is chronically dehydrated. That isn’t supported by medical research, and outside of older people, it’s not likely that dehydration is a significant problem for most adults.

However, being sufficiently hydrated isn’t the same as being optimally hydrated. One of the most reported effects of vitamin IV therapy is an almost-instant energy boost. It comes as a mixture of B vitamins and the saline water component of your vitamin IV treatment which keeps you optimally hydrated.

Vitamin top-ups

Many people are lacking in B vitamins. Vitamin IV treatments are the ideal way to top up these delicate nutritional components. The B vitamins are water-soluble. Unfortunately, there’s no body storage mechanism for water-soluble vitamins. With vitamin IV treatments, there’s no need to worry about “overdosing” on water-soluble vitamins. Once your levels max out, any excess is excreted in your urine.

Optimized wellness

The benefits of vitamin IV therapy are many. You can improve immune system response, speed recovery time, and improve skin conditions. The best way to explore the benefits is through a consultation with New Tampa Wellness in Wesley Chapel, Florida. We can pinpoint the IV cocktail for your needs. Call or click to request an appointment today.

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